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Kennesaw Gun Law

Мой сын учится в городе Kennesaw, Georgia (Kennesaw State University) major - Criminal Justice.
В этом городе есть закон, что каждый глава семейства обязан владеть оружием и быть готовым помочь полиции. Закон приняли совсем недавно, в 1982 году. С 1982 до 2005 года количество преступлений в городе уменьшилось вдвое. Сейчас город самый безопасный в районе.
In 1982 the city passed an ordinance [Sec 34-21][17]
(a) In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore.
(b)Exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who suffer a physical or mental disability which would prohibit them from using such a firearm. Further exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who are paupers or who conscientiously oppose maintaining firearms as a result of beliefs or religious doctrine, or persons convicted of a felony.
Gun rights activist David Kopel has claimed that there is evidence that this gun law has reduced the incident rate of home burglaries citing that in the first year, home burglaries dropped from 65 before the ordinance, down to 26 in 1983, and to 11 in 1984.[18] Another report observed a noticeable reduction in burglary from 1981, the year before the ordinance was passed, to 1999. A 2001 media report stated that Kennesaw's crime rates continued to decline and were well below the national average, making citizens feel safer and more secure.[19] Later research claims that there is no evidence that [the law] reduced the rate of home burglaries [in Kennesaw],[20][21] even though the overall crime rate had decreased by more than 50% between 1982 and 2005.[22]
The city's website[23] claims the city has the lowest crime rate in Cobb county.

UPD. NELSON, Ga. — A north Georgia city is set to vote on a proposed ordinance that would make gun ownership mandatory — sort of.

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