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Job Security

Уважаемые Грамотные Товарищи: проверьте, пожалуйста, мою речь, укажите на ошибки!

I have more than 20 years of experience in IT consulting business. Most of my clients are huge corporations, most contracts from 6 to 12 months. I am not working directly to the corporation as an employee, but thru a consulting company or recruitment agency. Today I will tell you a story about a couple of years in my career.
I worked for U.S. Army. What can be more reliable? But Fort McPherson fell and contractors did not get an offer to relocate to Fort Bragg. I’ve decided to get a permanent position in the stable bank, applied for contract-to-hire. I was hired in 6 month, worked as employee two weeks and bank closed IT department - switched back to overseas consulting.
Big telecommunication corporation signed a contract with me for one year beginning January to fix errors in the application. I finished project in 5 months and lost job. I strongly recommend to read all the small print in the contracts.
I spent the whole month to find a new job and got an endless contract with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms - my dream job from college. They let me work from home with minimum control and I was happy for months. In November of next year corporate management requested everyone to work from the office. At the same time I’ve got a call from the very persuasive headhunter. He convinced me to quit and join start-up company as a head of department, with huge increase in salary. I was not able to reject the real office with window and agreed.
In two weeks, right after Thanksgiving, I’ve started a new job. Start-up died in a month - before Christmas - we lost contract with the client and everyone was laid off without last paycheck. Immediately I’ve called the persuasive headhunter and left him long-long voice message. At that time I was not a toastmaster, but the speech was good and I’ve got an interview before New Year with one of the biggest IT corporations.
I am a computer programmer, developer, always worked on back-end, but that position was for a sales person. First interview was technical and I passed it easily. Second was with the head of the Sales department: he needed to make sure that I can speak English well enough. Have you heard the Jimmy John's commercial "Fast Talker"? I’ve mocked it. I’ve spoke very fast, polite, very clear, and I’ve promised to change my name from Yevgeniy to Jack. They hired me at the same day. I’ve got the Cloud Solution Architect certification and joined the corporate Toastmaster Club. It helped me to get a new position in a year, when I rejected request to relocate to Seattle and lost job again.
I am on a permanent position now, but I don’t believe in the job security and I am working hard to improve my skills and interview techniques.

Я тут переврал кое-что для упрощения, настоящая история подробно описана на русском тут:
Моя работа в США
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