Американский Наблюдатель (yostrov) wrote,
Американский Наблюдатель


Как вы думаете, это письмо писал настоящий адвокат или нет?

"I am baffled that I would have to write such a letter. Is it feasible that you could be so socially inept that you condone the behavior ... burning the personal property of ex-boyfriend on social media? Really, who does that?
I expect one response from you: A) Either advise that you intervened like a normal human being and saved the jacked to be returned or B) advise you did not and it was destroyed. I will then advise my client accordingly. And yes, per your request, my client has reduced this to writing."

Сперва был длинный монолог по телефону, просьба в дальнейшем только писать и вот такое сообщение: "We want the percussion jacket which has sentimental value back. When we get this returned no further action will need to occur. If we don't I will need to make a police report with the videos. All further communication should be through my attorney who will contact with you today."

Год назад мальчик подарил девочке (дочке моих друзей) свою жилетку (hoodie). Сейчас они поругались, он потребовал hoodie назад, она сожгла.
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