Американский Наблюдатель (yostrov) wrote,
Американский Наблюдатель


 Перепост с сайта nextdoor.com
Я сделал ошибку, не проверил цены перед покупкой, а мне не дали это исправить. 
Sears North Point Mall
Be careful when you are shopping in the Sears North Point Mall in Alpharetta. Some prices are higher than in the other Sears stores. I’ve paid $244 for the item, which cost $179 on Sears.com This store doesn't honor corporate prices nor taking return.
The store is closing, so they are not taking returns. But yes, you have to know the prices.  In general, prices are higher during store closing.
I have boycotted Sears since 1995 my husband used to work for them and they are horrible in every regard  It is no wonder they are closing. # boycott  only way to fight back
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