Американский Наблюдатель (yostrov) wrote,
Американский Наблюдатель

Armed Citizen

В соседней деревне хозяин дома застрелил грабителя. 
Услышав шум, мать со старшей дочерью побежали звать на помощь. Двое младших девочек спали. Отец семейства взял пистолет и начал стрелять. Ему удалось ранить грабителя, приехавшие позже полицейские нашли его во дворе. 
Sheriff’s officials said the call came in as a burglary in progress. 
Neighbor Billy Kennedy told Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach a father was protecting his wife and three girls when he shot the suspect trying to get into their home.
Kennedy told Gehlbach the father grabbed a gun and was able to shoot the suspect at least once.
That's when Kennedy said the attempted burglar tried to run away, but officers found him where he dropped in the backyard.
Kennedy said the mother and oldest daughter ran across the street to get away, but left the two youngest still inside.
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