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Вопрос по базовой экономике: почему в магазине сырая курицы стоит $10, а такого-же размера жареная - $6?
В цену замороженной входит хранение, а жарят бесплатно?
Tags: Пятница
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i finally could not stand it and asked a supermarket manager directly - where do your deli products come from, particularly chicken. in our region there is usually a grilled chicken bar, whole chix, then a wings bar with like 7 types of wings, then a chicken parts bar, with differently fried legs thighs etc and tenders as well. this is chicken country.

the guy said that they NEVER use anythign out of the meat department, that the deli is supplied separately by the same producer that supplies bulk chicken for retail, like "family" packages of 40 drumsticks, but the accounting is completely separate. he also said that 3-4 days before "timeout" there is a manager's discount on products - and if they do not sell with this bright orange "manager's special" abel, then on the last allowable sale day they are offered for free to all store employees.

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