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Romeo and Juliet

Завтра буду толкать речь в клубе болтунов. Тема: значение каждого слова, как важно правильно подбирать слова и так далее.
Today my speech is about words. How important to find the right words at the right time. I am not the William Shakespeare, but I have my own "for never story of more woe".
 Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet were a high school seniors and members of the debate team. Romeo a several times tried to tell Juliet. about his love, but was not able to find the right words.
 Once upon a time, debate team went for the dispute to another city with an overnight stay. On the bus Romeo and Juliet  talked for a few hours. Finally, Romeo said the speech that included a declaration of love and a marriage proposal.
  In the evening, dozens of teenagers got into the park next to hotel. Someone started a joint. I should say the right word: cigarette with marijuana.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
  Romeo admitted that Juliet made a couple of puffs, but he did not touch a cigarette: His mother, a doctor, in great detail, with pictures and examples, a lot of times explained what happens to the human bodies because of drugs. New cigarette went to the second round. Juliet did not miss a turn, Romeo passed again, but it did not work this time: boys began to laugh loudly, called Romeo a chicken and a baby. Romeo tried to explained that even one time can lead to irreversible damage to the body, but he was not able to find the right words to deliver a message to the classmates. The roommate promised to live Romeo alone in the room: "You can invite your girlfriend!" Romeo looked at Juliet, she nodded almost invisible.
Romeo smoked a half of cigarette in a few seconds and run away. After hours of waiting, young man was convinced that a Juliet’s nod was only his imagination or Juliet changed her mind, but she came finally. Juliet asked, "Will you really marry me?" Romeo said, "Yes."
Decision to lose virginity was very hard for Juliet. Her mother said many times, “There is nothing more important than the wedding, only after marriage you has the right to become a woman.” Provided examples of single mothers and fallen women. Dishonored daughter had no place in the family of the Capulets.
Juliet woke up alone. Whole day the debate team were busy. Juliet noticed that Romeo act weird, his performance was terrible, often he forgot words and phrases. In the bus Romeo sat as far as possible from Juliet. After arrival, Romeo whispered in Juliet’s ear, "If you get pregnant, have an abortion."
Romeo did not appear in the school, the calls were not answered. It was hard for Juliet to find a word to ask about Romeo, but anyway friends did not know anything. The teacher said, “Romeo will study at home for a while”
 Montague house seemed empty: Juliet asked neighbors, but they also did not see Romeo for a week. A few weeks later a pregnancy test was positive.
More than anything, Juliet wanted to talk to mother, even more than to Romeo, but her brain did not produce any phrase.
 Juliet was a well-read girl. In many novels, peace and love won after the crisis. How to make  mother felt sorry for the poor girl, made a terrible mistake? Juliet was sure that everything will be good. It is not known how, but good. She only need to find the right way to let mother know terrible news about the pregnancy without saying any word.
Juliet wrote last letter in her diary. No, she did not want to die. It was enough that her mother read the diary. Signora Capulet was a noble lady and did not read other people’s diary. Two days later Juliet  went on to the "Suicide Bridge". She was not going to jump, but in the novels girls stopped at the last moment ... Even if not by a handsome prince.
Nobody paid attention to Juliet even when she stood on the parapet, only cars sped by. Returning home Juliet collected all the drugs and drank them in a 5 minutes before the time when Signora Capulet coming home every day. Juliet dreamed about the scene when she silently in the hospital, and her mother, holding her hands saying, "How could you, I'll forgive you, we can handle it!". On this day, always punctual Signora Capulet came home an hour later. Juliet did not survived.
 Romeo woke up in panic. Juliet sweet sleep, but the young man did not admire the beautiful girl, and ran to the bathroom: look at himself in the mirror. He had a terrible dreamed that he looks like a zombie... Romeo could feel how his hair fall out, the internal organs refused to work. Romeo washed, and rushed into the hall, to the peoples.
 All day Romeo listen to his body and notice more and more evidence that marijuana he smoked has caused a terrible reaction: his body and brain about to die. Romeo has already accepted the fact that his life is over, but cursed that not happen immediately: based on mother’s  stories, he knew what kind of children are born by addicts. Especially after he saw Juliet also smoked marijuana. Romeo hoped Juliet will have an abortion, as he requested.
On the bus station Romeo immediately told Signor Montague about smoked cigarette and asked to take him to the hospital instead of home. The father at first thought that his son was just kidding, then said: "We have a doctor in the house, let her to see you first," Signora Montague saw symptoms such as fever, heart palpitations, trembling and took son to the hospital. A few hours later with a diagnosis of "nervous breakdown and panic attack" they sent sleeping Romeo home, under the responsibility of the mother. Week constantly drugged Romeo did not get up from the bed, then the dose reduced.
A few days later the Signora Montague decided to leave the son alone. She promises that all will pass, and the body will fully recover. Romeo did not believe the mother: she did not found the right words. As soon as mother left, Romeo went into parents' bedroom, opened the safe, took out  the father’s gun and shot himself in the head.

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