September 25th, 2015

Uncle Sam


Написал очередную речь для выступления в клубе болтунов. У кого есть желание почитать-проверить?
Текст под катом, оригинал тут: За мафию или почему я хожу в синагогу
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In a few days after I move to the United States I  went to the English as a Second Language School which was organized by local Jewish nonprofit organization During classes rebay visited our school and asked everyone who is available next Monday to go to the court in downtown Chicago to support 18 years old girl who is member of his synagogue. She moved to the United States few months ago and after our school she was admitted in Community College in downtown Chicago Truman college. She bought car which looks very expensive, but had a salvage title.

One night after classes she drove out of the college gate and young man on the bike jump in front of her car. Girl was able to stop 1 inch before hitting the boy but he showed scratches on his body and the bike and ask to pay $1,000 in cash to avoid calling police.  Smart girl rejected this offer and called 911 & insurance company. Police officer was high level professional and experienced: he saw this situation before, on this spot as well. He rejected to press any charges against the girl and did not gave her a ticket. Anyway, in a few days she have got a call from her insurance company: boy asked for a few thousand dollars for his medical bills, pain and suffering. Insurance company rejected fraudulent case  and decide to go to court. Company hired a lawyer, agreed to  pay all legal fees. The girl should not be afraid of any problem but she must testify in court as a witness.

Courtroom splitted on the two parts for defendant and the plaintiff. he plaintiff part would be filled by his supporters for sure: the fraud mafia has a special mob for this kind of actions. As rebay tell us, we cannot our girl to be alone in this room. The synagog will organise carpool, provide transportation, but most of the members of the congregation can’t visit court during business hours.

It is very good to have spouse and a few kids, BFF and few friends but someday we may need tens of supporters to feel the courtroom in our support does not matter are we guilty or not.  The best way to get this kind of support for non public person is to join religion organisation. I would like to encourage you to get our of your shell and join church, mosque or Toastmaster international club. But do not join any type of mafia!