July 24th, 2015

Uncle Sam


Среди моих друзей есть много коллег графоманов писателей. У меня вопрос к вам: если надо написать текст на одну и ту же тему по-английски (немецкий, иврит...) и по-русски - вы одно и то же напишите? Если аудитории разные, конечно. Для россиян (украинцев, белорусов...) вы используете те же слова, что и для иностранцев?
Написал свою автобиографию для выступления в клубе Тoastmasters. Народ принял "на-ура". Писал бы для бывших соотечественников - совсем другое бы рассказывал.
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I was born in the Soviet Union 45 years ago. After college I've spent two years in the Soviet Army, but I was discharged to the new country - Ukraine.
I've married my school girlfriend: when we met I was 16 years old, she was 14. Our son is now 24 years old.
After a few years of a job as a computer engineer I've founded my own consulting company and moved to the software business. We created applications for bookkeeping and accounting, for retailers and manufacturing companies. Most of my clients was liquor producers and sellers.
The computer programmer job in Ukraine was  complicated because we did not have any documentation and was not able to contact any of customer support. Most of hardware was in bad condition and self made.
All of my relatives moved to Israel or United States, we were last who decided to relocate. In July of 2000, fifteen years ago, we moved to Chicago, Illinois.  For a year I worked for a minimum wage during night in Russian restaurant and Ukrainian bakery and study English in college during day. My wife left me before I was able to find a good job. I was hired by fiber optic manufacturing company as a hardware technician but in a few months moved to IT department.
In 2002 I've married second time and was ready for the stable life, but dot com collapsed and my employer moved to China. I moved to California: my pregnant wife made me do so. One year we lived in mother in law's house and I worked as a security officer (this is not in my resume). It was the hardest year in my life!
I've pick up a few short term contracts as a programmer thru Craigslist, then a permanent position in UPS. In 2006, 3 months after my son was born,  UPS moved us to headquarter in Atlanta. After 3 years I left UPS for a much better pay, but in a few months my new employer moved to Florida - I was not able to  accept a relocation offer because my wife was pregnant with our third child and I was not able to sell a house.
Last 5 years I worked mostly as a contractor for the US government and big corporations. Two months ago I was hired by ..... I hope this position will be permanent or for the really long time. Now I have five kids and need stability!