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Выстрел в спину

Начальник полиции города Peachtree City, GA (прекраный городок, я там жил 2 года) в 4 утра 1 января позвонил 911 и сказал, что случайно выстрелил в спину спящей жены из служебного Glock 17 9мм.
Сегодня раненая пришла в себя и дала показания: "Я спала, ничего не слышала. Уверена, что муж выстрелил случайно"
И эти люди запрещают нам владеть оружием...
“The gun was in the bed. I went to move it. I put it to the side and it went off,” William McCollom said.
Moments later, however, William McCollom said “everybody was asleep” when it happened.
He then asked his wife how she is doing.
“Having trouble breathing, dear,” William McCollom asks.
“You are with her now?” the operators asks.
“I’m the chief of police. The gun is on the dresser,” he responds.
“You’re the chief of police of Peachtree City?”
“Yes. Unfortunately.”
“This is your wife?” the operator asked.

Later in the call William McCollom said: “Oh my God…how did this happen?”

William and Margaret McCollom were married 11 years until they divorced in 1999. Then William McCollom was married to another woman for 10 years, divorcing her after he moved from Florida to Peachtree City in 2012 to be the assistant police chief in the Fayette County city.

He and Margaret remarried in early 2014.

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