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Китайский прайс--лист.

Кое-кто интересовался, где и что можно покупать в Китае. Открываю одну из сотен явок: на меня такие письма сыпятся десятками.  Запись получилась слишком большая. Если кому надо - скажите, я перешлю полную версию.

UPD: Это не реклама!!! Скорее, предупреждение о возможном мошенничестве!

Mobile Phones

LG G3  16GB/32GB/64GB Unlocked ----------------------------$106/$116 /$126

Apple iPhone 5S 16/32/64GB Unlocked -----------------------$106/$116 /$126

Apple iPhone 5C 16/32GB Unlocked -------------------------$76/$86

Apple iPhone 5 16/32/64GB Unlocked------------------------$86/$96/$106

Apple iphone 4S 16/32/64GB Unlocked------------------------$66/$76/$86 

Samsung Galaxy S5 16/32GB/64GB Unlocked-----------------$106/$116 /$126

Samsung Galaxy Note3 N9006 16/32GB/64GB Unlocked -------$96/$106 /$116

From: sale3@binggoelec.com

Dear friend:
hope you have time to read this email!

We are Electronic products trading company.  ,we wish to express our desire to enter into business relationship with you!

Skype: boonie.qi1  Phone:+8615510535824

Our company's sales discount:
1. Order bigger than 500USD , win 15% discount
2. Order bigger than 800USD , win 20% discount
3. Order bigger than 1000 USD , win 25% discount
4. Order bigger than 2000 USD ,  win 30% discount
Any product buy 1 get 2 more free
for example: if you buy 1 pcs  Apple Iphone 5S you can get 2 pcs Apple Iphone 5S as free gift
Payment and Shipment:
1. Payment way : (T/T) Account Bank transfer, (W/U)Western Union.
2 .Shipment way : DHL,TNT, FedEx, UPS, EMS, China Post.
3. Shipping time: usually take 3-5 days items delivered after payment.
Refund and After Service:
1.Warranty period: 1 years guaranteed  if the problem on the products itself.
2.Refund/Resend: Full refund or resend on our shipping cost when you are not satisfy with the items you received.
Pease contact me directly any time for any further questions!

Samsung Galaxy S4 16/32/64GB Unlocked ---------------$76/$86/$96
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 16/32/64GB Unlocked------------$66/$76/$86 
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 16/32/64GB Unlocked------------$56/$66/$76
Samsung Galaxy Note 16/32/64GB Unlocked--------------$46/$56/$66
HTC One M8 32/64GB unlocked:--------------------------$86/$96
HTC One M7 32GB Unlocked: ----------------------------$96   
3D Printer & Desktop 3D Printer:
Original AURORA uPrint SE plus 3D Printer-------------$156
Original AURORA uPrint SE 3D Printer-------------$136
Original AURORA Mojo 3D Printer-------------$116
Original MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer-------------$86
Canon EOS-1D X: --------------------$196
Canon 5D Mark III--------------------$186
Apple MacBook Pro(MD101CH/A)4GB 500GB:-------------$136
Apple MacBook Pro
Apple iMac(MD096CH/A) -------------------------------$166
Appe MacBook Pro (MD213CH/A)-------------------------$176  
Dell XPS 12(XPS12D-2708)8GB 256GB -------------------$116
SONY F14217SCW------------------ $176      
SONY D1322V9CB------------------ $206     
SONY Z1311S2C--------------------$226     
SONY P132100CR------------------- $206      
SONY T1121V5CW------------------ $176     
Apple Air (4G+wifi version)16/32/64GB/128GB------------$86/$96/ $106/$116
Apple ipad mini 2 16/32/64GB/128GB----------------------$76/$86/ $96/$106
Apple ipad mini 2 RETINA Display 16/32/64GB/128GB--------$66/$76/$86/ $96  
Apple Mini ipad Wifi16/32/64GB --------------------------$36/$46/$56  
Apple ipad 3 hd, WI-FI + 4G 16/32/64GB-------------------$56/$66/$76   
Samsung XE500T1C-A01CN16/32/64GB-------------------$66/$76/$86  
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – inch 16/32/64GB --------------$66/$76/$86
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 – inch 16/32/64GB----------------$76/$86/$96    
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 16/32/64GB-----------------------$66/$76/$86 
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – inch 16/32/64GB----------------$76/$86/$9
SONY XPERIA SGP321 16/32/64GB---------------------------$86/$96/$106   
SONY SG312 CN/W 10,1 32GB 16/32/64GB-------------------$66.00
Smart bracelet
U9 Blue tooth Smart Watch Bracelet For iphone SamsungS4 S5 HTC Sony Wifi hotspots -------$15.00
Bluetooth Smart Watch bracelet fit for Apple android smart phone black ------$8.00
Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch Phone Bracelet for IOS Android Samsung iPhone HTC------$9.00
TOSHIBA Chromebook---------------$48
Acer Chromebook C720P-------------$56
Sony PS4 500GB--------------------------------------------$76
Sony PS3 (500GB/320GB/250GB/160GB )---------------------$56/$46/$36/$26
Sony PSP (GO/3000/2000)----------------------------------$36/$32/$28  
External Hard Disk
Toshiba HDTB103AK3AA(320GB) -------------------$6.00
WD My Passport Essential (500GB) ------------------$8.00
WD My Passport USB3.0 (2TB)------------------------$16.00
HGST G-Technology WiFi (500GB)--------------------$10.00
HGST Touro Desk Pro(4TB) ---------------------------$26.00
Micro SD Card
OEM Micro SDHC Card Class 10 (2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32/GB)------------$0.3/$0.5/$1.2/$2.2/2.8
SanDisk Ultra Micro SDHC Card Class 10 (8GB/16GB/32/GB) -------$0.8/$1.6/$3.4
Samsung Micro SDHC Card Class 10 (16GB/32/GB) ---------------$1.8/$2.8
Kingston Micro SD Card Class 10 (4GB/8GB/32/GB) ---------------$0.6/$1.2/$2.8
KINGSTON USB FLASH DRIVE (2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32/GB)--------------------$1.20/$1.50/$1.80/ $2.10/ $2.50
KingSton Memory Card(2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32/GB)-------------------------$0.50 / $0.60/ $0.80/$1.60/ $2.00
Sandisk USB FLASH DRIVE(2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32/GB)----------------------$1.30/$1.60/$2.00 /$2.50/ $2.80

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